You can expect…

Incredible service from the woman in the photos 

Meeting someone new can be a nerve-racking experience! I suggest you research me before booking a session. You’ll find several years of stellar reviews. I always keep my photos up to date and am often told my pics don’t do me justice.


Good communication

I’ll let you know what I like, and I’ll ask you what you’ve been fantasizing about. No beating around the bush or futile attempts at mind reading. Hearing you describe what turns you on is a major turn on for me.

I truly love connecting with new people and am delighted to spend time getting to know you. During our session you’ll have my undivided attention and care.

While I’m very much open to connection, ours will always be a professional relationship. My clients value the ease of this type of relationship and appreciate my professionalism.


No judgement

Arrive in a suit or show up in sweatpants! All body shapes and sizes are welcomed and appreciated.

Please never feel the need to impress me with your performance. If you’d like to relax while I do the work, that’s totally allowed. I love spoiling you.

While our session will have the easy organic feel of a “normal” date, keep in mind I am a service provider and it is my job to make sure you have an awesome time.


Relaxation and rejuvenation

You’ll leave feeling refreshed and renewed. More than one of my clients has remarked that he always leaves feeling a few inches taller, and some of my older friends have told me that spending time with me makes them feel young again.

Our time together is an investment in you!